Why stress may worst enemy of your body

Why stress may worst enemy of your body

The total population of 53% around the world is stressed always. However, the fact is at its own place that stress can not place things but still, people take tension. Stress is the worst enemy of your body but why stress may worst enemy? It can sometimes be your friend as well. 

I know the bond between stress and friendship is a bit confusing for you but that’s true. Sometimes you take the stress and do the task. So that’s the point at which stress becomes your friend. But why stress may be the worst enemy? Sometimes employees are given tasks at the end time of their duty, and you just want to pull your hair. 

You get fed up:

That’s natural. By taking contain meetings and projects, one might be fed up at the end of the day. Here the stress begins where you start taking tension and harm your physical and mental health. About 20 percent of people are awake at night constantly thinking about their stressors.

Avoiding tension while working is difficult. But luckily there are different techniques through which you can bring your stress to the end level and be more productive at work or elsewhere. 

Here are the reasons why stress may worst enemy

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No sleeping nights anymore:

Think of the nights for a while which you had spent being awaken at night and thinking about the tasks which had to be done by end of the week. When you think about all those stressful nights you will definitely wish to scream. 

Say hello to beauty sleeps and goodbye to hell awakening nights. Going to bed at night today., Forget about distracting tasks. Switch off your laptop and mobiles cause the emails and messages can be checked at the morning.  Keep all the electric devices on the side and try to sleep for 8 complete hours. Perfect sleep will make to able to perform all the tasks good at next day. 

Why stress may be your heart enemy:

Psychological stress has the ability to activate the fear centers inside the brain. And the stressor might suffer through a heart attack. 

Here are some major risk factors of heart disease including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Physical inactivity
  • Obesity 

Your doctor might had asks about the above factors but he wouldn’t have asked about your life stress. Those with healthy hearts can also die due to heart attack if they’re suffering from mental stress. 

How to deal with stress:

If your body is suffering from stress, don’t ignore it. Instead, try to learn the technique of how to deal with stress and how to get rid of daily stressors. 

Avoid anger and tension:

The two hormones cortisol and adrenaline rise up in your body through constant stress. Which increases heart rate, blood pressure, and spikes blood pressure.  Challenges in relationships and finance can make you stressed which can directly harm your health. Therefore try to avoid the stressors wisely and intelligently to remain healthy. (Which Healthy Snacks Can Provide Protein After Physical Activities ?)

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Yelling and screaming when dealing with stress:

The stress can be reduced through yelling and screaming. Also, it punishes your nervous system and heart making it more possible and likely to deal with stress  And you might feel much better about everything. Screaming and yelling during stress can help you reduce it. 

How is stress measured:

Stress can be measured through psychological measurements including psychological responses and emotions which are instigated by stressful circumstances. Stress is difficult to measure because it causes different reactions on different people at different times. Some people luckily ignore it while some can’t recover. 

Psychological surveys and physiological tests are the two types of stress measurement methodologies. The findings of the questionnaires can be used to estimate stress levels. When combined with a self-assessment, acquiring reliable data from monitoring and comparing stress levels yields the most precise findings.

What units does stress come in? Heart rate variability, breath frequency, blood pressure, and other stress hormones are all used to assess physiological stress.

How does Garmin measures stress:

Heart rate variability is used by Garmin to measure stress. The variability of rate is measured between two consecutive heartbeats. And that’s how the stress is tracked. Heartbeat time gets shortened when you’re under stress and is longer when you’re out of stress. 

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