The Healthy thrive diet 12 week meal plan

Thrive diet includes the intake of fruits, vegetables, and grains. However, you can have some dairy products or eggs but not meat, fish or chicken. This thrive diet 12 week meal plan will help you to lose weight. Also, your skin will be glowing and tight. Moreover, you will not feel carving for junk food. It will make you feel full. So let’s start the thrive diet 12 week meal plan. 

Week 1: 

If it’s the start of your first week so don’t take a heavy diet. Start from the friendly week so that you can be able to carr the diet further.


For breakfast, you can bake some brown bread and have it with black coffee. Because black coffee burns calories and help in weight loss. 


Boil some vegetables for lunchtime. It might be Spanish or ladyfinger. Peas can also be preferred. 


Apple is the friend and soul of the body. Therefore if you feel empty at some time, you can have an apple. 


Boil some brown rice for dinner time. It’s been heard that rice helps in weight gain but it sometimes functions opposite. And is beneficial for weight loss. 

Week 2: 

Week 2 should be a little bit challenging than the first one so that you can lose weight quickly if want to. 


You can have an eggless and milkless pancake with a glass of pure orange juice. 


Make a bowl o Vegetable soup for yourself at lunchtime. You can add some carrots and bell pepper to you soup. 


Boil a corn for snacks if you’re feeling hungry. Also, you can grill it and add a pinch of salt for more taste. 


Simply take some fresh veggies and enclose them in the bread. The vegetable sandwich is ready and you can have it for dinner. 

Week 3: 

You’re gonna be ready for the third week of you’ve easily been through the first and second one. 


Take a sugar-free homemade apple pie for breakfast. It will keep your energy as well as healthier. 


Boil some peas and have it with brown bread.


Skip the evening snack in the third week. 


Boil lentils and have it with a diet sauce. Diet sauce is easily available in the market which makes your diet food delicious and eatable. 

The above three-week plan should be repeated one after another. As I mentioned earlier thrive diet can improve your health, skin and help in weight loss. But if you’re mood does not go with the diet plan that we have share, you can also make it by your own for yourself. I am gonna mention few items that you can add to your diet plan 

Items of thrive diet 12 week meal plan : 

  • Leafy greens 
  • Vegetables
  • Beans 
  • Grains 
  • Fruits 
  • Eggs 
  • Milk 
  • Cold pressed oil
  • Hemp
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Brown rice 
  • Sea vegetables 

Nutritional diet plan. 

Thrive diet contains vegetables which are low carb and contain less amount of calories. Vegetables contain fiber, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C which are the essential nutrients for the body. Moreover, it controls your blood pressure as well. 

Benefits of fruits: 

Fruits are nutrien rich containing vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Moreover, food contains antioxidants that boost up your health. Also, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. 

Benefits of grains: 

Grains contain vitamin B and are an important source of fiber. Also, some minerals can be transferred to our bodies if we eat grains. Moreover, it can fight with some chronic diseases. 

Food that should be avoided: 

The thrive diet 12 week meal plan is not that difficult but some items must be avoided such as 

  • Fish 
  • Meat 
  • Seafood 
  • Shelfish 
  • Cheese 
  • Yogurt
  • Cream

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