Tea bombs recipe | Delicious chocolate bombs Recipe

tea bombs recipe

Now learn the skill of making tea bombs by reading this article on the tea bombs recipe. Following the few easy steps, you will get to know how to make delicious items. When I saw this amazing item on TikTok I thought I must come up with a tea bombs recipe cause many people might be searching for it. It’s so easy to make and the recipe requires only two ingredients which are extremely easy to find. It’s the time to show your creativity and show all the ideas of your mind.

Hot chocolate bomb:

The tea bomb actually is the version of the hot chocolate bomb. The shell of it is made with Isomalt and then the Isomalt shall be filled with a teabag, edible confetti, edible flower, and some other favorite flavors of your own choice.

Use of tea bomb.

Place the tea bomb simply into the mug when you are ready to take tea. After that pour boiled water on it. The shell of tea bomb will melt and all the flavors of decoration will pop out.

When touching the balls be careful. Because they’re hot. Also if you want your cup of tea to be sweet then add a bit of sweetener into it. Because Isomalt is not sweet enough. Moreover, you can add some edible flowers if you want it to look fancier. I have used Lipton black tea bags but you can use any of your choices.

Changed color:

I personally like the crystal color of the isomalt. But if you want to change the color if simply add a few drops of food color before heating it. Try to use gel food color and avoid using much of liquid.

Silicon mold:

Avoid molds of other materials and use silicon. Because silicon is easy to use and it can shapen the item perfectly. This recipe is only for 2 tea bombs but you can make as many as you want.

Types of Equipment:

  • Saucepan
  • Microwave
  • Mug
  • Prepartion time
  • 10 minutes
  • Cook time:
    5 minutes
  • Total time:
    15 minutes

You will find the benefits of coffee


  • ¼ cup Isomalt
  • 2 Lipton Black Tea Bags


  • Firstly take a microwave prof glass cup and place isomalt in it. Microwave it high on 30 seconds. Stir each increment saperately until it melts completely.
  • To one spherical mold cavity add ¼ of isomalt. Use spoon to spread it evenly and accordingly to the edges. Repeat the same for other three molds as well.
  • Put the filled molds inside the freezer for 5 minutes so that it can get hard.
  • Then remove it from freezer and gently peel the the mold from two half isomalt spheres.
  • Put teabag in between two half spheres of isomalts and Leave the tag hanging.
  • Then place a saucepan on medium flame and turn emplty sphere of isomalt.And place down on pan until it starts melting.
  • Then place the slight melted isomalt on the other sphere of isomalt immediately along with the teabag inside.
  • Two of the sides will comhine together in mini seconds.


That’s the simple tea bombs recipe which is really easy to try. And you can surprise almost everyone by it. For more amazing recipes keep visiting our website. This tea bombs recipe is loved a lot by kids. You can surprise them with the amazing magical tea. But make sure you don’t have your child along at the time of preparation because it can be harmful to him. The hot isomalt or saucepan can hurt him.

The tea can also be served to some special guests to show them the magic of your cooking and hands. Make sure to impress them by the flavor and colors as well. Enjoy our tea bombs recipe

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