If someone is in stress, you can send them a text and let them know that they’re not alone. Make them feel loved. Anxiety is a burden of emotions that can be thrown with a lovable text.

How to help someone with anxiety over text

Anxiety basically is a reaction to stress. But sometimes it can be beneficial because it makes us to take better decisions and think over the problem. Anxiety cannot be compared to normal feelings of anger or nervousness. Anxiety is a secret killer and we all need to protect our beloved ones from the disease. Sometimes we’re far away from our friends and family. Therefore we must know how to help someone with anxiety over text. 

How to help someone over text who’s anxious:

Your few texts can bring someone out of anxiety and stress. Anxiety indeed is an isolating experience. Anxiety can be in regular routine as well as in the tough times of life. 

Tell them they’re not alone:

If someone is in stress, you can send them a text and let them know that they’re not alone. Make them feel loved. Anxiety is a burden of emotions that can be thrown with a lovable text. Therefore bring love into your text when you’re texting an anxious person. 

Chose wise words:

Make sure the words you’re using in the text are close to the heart of the receiver. You need to tell them to calm down and tell them that everything is going to be placed soon at its position. This kind of massage can help the receiver come out of depression. 

Spoil their disconnection:

The person might try to avoid you by saying he’s busy or don’t wanna talk. But make them engaged in the conversation to divert their thinking. 

Don’t ask useless questions:

Try to avoid questionnaires during the conversation. Asking questions can make the person much more annoying. Let them be cool and calm and get closer to you.

Suggest them meditation:

If you’re confused about how to help someone with anxiety over the text you can suggest meditation. Tell them you too do that and it’s really helpful for mind and body. Also, it let the person feel how much you care for them. Moreover, you can send a link to a meditation video and show them how relaxing it is. 

Tell them you were thinking about them:

Text the person and make them feel how special they are by telling them that “today I was thinking about you”. This text will surely take away their stress and will bring a lovely smile on their face. Then ask them about the problem how it went and what’s the progress for a solution. This indicates you think about them often.

Tell them you’re always there for them:

A stressful person always thinks he’s alone. Your one message “let me know if I can help you out with it’ can be very useful for someone’s anxiety. And that’s you can help someone with anxiety over text. Let them feel you’re always on their back and are never going to leave them alone. You’re wings shall always be there to fly away with them. 

Listen to them carefully:

A stressful person wants someone to listen to them with proper attention. All they actually need is attention. They want to overcome their burden by sharing it. Listen to the problem attentively and answer them with useful solutions.

Agree with their anxiety;

If someone is texting you about their problem don’t take the piller of phrase. Such as, you need rest else. Instead, tell them that yes anxiety sucks and we need to find a solution. 

Offer them a walk:

Offer them a few ideas of relaxation. Such as a walk-in park or a short ice cream drive. Pull them out of stress and pressure by offering different offers. 

Offer them help:

Ask your friend if they need any kind of help. Your friend might be hesitating to ask for help but you can make it easier for him if the question rises by your side. There are some other ways as well through which you can be supportive to your partner. 

Tell them you’re proud of them:

Attract your friend to the positive aspect of the problem. Provide him motivation and encourage them to get out of the problem and anxiety. Remind them that they’re strong enough to fight with the circumstances. 

Be on standby mood to talk to your partner:

If your friend is really not in position to talk, tell him you’re waiting for him to be ok and talk to you. This will feel him there’s someone whom they can always talk to. 

“That must be difficult”

One might be feeling overwhelmed while suffering from stress and anxiety. They might be in tension, insecure and frustrated. So it might be useful to tell them you know how big their problem is. 

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“It’s temporary and it won’t last forever”:

We all know that nothing lasts forever. And this sentence makes the soul happy when it’s said at a challenging moment of life. Taking someone out of anxiety is not easy but I am sure this text is gonna work this time. This message is more of real hope for the best time to come. 

Drag them out of panic:

  • Try not to drop them into a panic attacks. Divert their mind into different things such as.
  • How’s your puppy now
  • what he likes to take in breakfast
  • Do you like black dress? For me it’s depressing sometimes
  • Red is much better I guess.
  • Such statements can secure them from panic attack. This is a unique technique to bring the person into present moment. 

Final Thoughts:

Supporting your loved ones is sometimes special. For you as well as for them. Different techniques of how to help someone through anxiety over text have been mentioned above. You can adopt any of it or try all of them at different time and situation. 

Anxiety as I said earlier is a secret killer which attack feelings. But few cool drops of your love and care will burn all the feelings of anxiety and stress.  In literary means, stress is an insecurity of a person with the present circumstances and challenges of life. Which can be brought to an end by care and cure 


Mesaages can be helpful to the receiver. A person suffering from stress is anxious. And all he need is care, love and support. The above text messages can be useful to you if you’re searching for remedy for stress for your love. 

Also you can take idea from the above messages and can build up some of your own choice which can be helpful for your partner to come out of anxiety. We hope you’ve got you’re answer of how to helpi someone with anxiety over text.  Kill anxiety by sharing love and care.

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