Healthy Vegan weight loss meal plan 1200 calories

A vegan weight loss meal plan is the diet plan which does not contain the food that comes from animals. Such as meat, eggs, or fish. A vegan diet contains green veggies, grains, fruits, and nuts. Moreover, in the vegan diet, you can not eat food that’s made from animals such as honey, milk, or gelatin. 

Beneficial for health: 

A vegan weight loss meal plan helps you to overcome the problem of diabetes. Also, it prevents you from different kinds of heart diseases. And can handle some types of cancers as well. Moreover, it helps you to lose 12000 calories per week. Which is almost equal to 2 pounds. Therefore you can lose weight quickly. 

Research has proven that those who do a vegan diet are healthier and fresh plus fit. But they may suffer from depression due to the lack of omega 3. Because vegans don’t eat fish. 

We’re gonna introduce you to a vegan diet plan which will provide all the required nutrients to your body. 


You can have a pancake with coffee for your breakfast. But the coffee must be black and milk should not be added in the coffee. Also, make sure the pancakes are eggless and milkless. Also, avoid sugar in the cake. You can add sweet supplements instead. 

Brown bread: 

You can have brown bread in breakfast. But make sure the bread is baked at your home. Because market brown bread sometimes contains milk or egg. Sometimes the flour used by marketers for brown bread is not brown flour. It’s all-purpose flour which can increase your weight instead of decreasing it. 


You can have some boiled veggies in lunchtime. Such as ladyfinger or spinach. Boiled spinach is extremely yummy. And you can make it more delicious by adding a pinch of black pepper to it. 


You can also have some cucumber or lactic salad at lunchtime. The green veggies will make your blood flow. And you will feel full. 


You can have some popcorn if it’s time for your snacks. Also, you can bake some eggless, milkless, and sugarless cookies. It will help your tummy to be happy and full. 

Potato curry: 

Potatoes are the best source of fiber. You can have potatoes if doing the vegan diet. Because potatoes let u feel full for a long time. Moreover, potatoes keep in check your cholesterol and sugar level and prevent you from heart diseases. Also, potatoes contain essential vitamins which promote your health. 

Potato curry can be taken at lunchtime. It will help you feel full plus it’s yummy as well. Therefore you will not get bored shortly from your dieting. 

Vegetables soup: 

You can make yourself vegetable soup for dinner or lunch. It’s extremely yummy. I don’t like veggies and don’t eat them often. But I am always hungry for vegetable soup. You can add it to your Vegan weight loss meal plan 1200 calories. You can add some corn to your soup if you’re willing to. 

Vegetable sandwich

You’re back from the office and are tired. You need something which can fulfill your tummy without increasing calories and weight. So you don’t have to be worried about it anymore if you’re on diet. 

Just take some fresh veggies and bake brown bread for yourself. Put the veggies into the bread and your vegetable sandwich is ready. You can have it with black coffee or fresh orange juice. 

This Vegan weight loss meal plan of 1200 calories is gonna be 100 percent beneficial for you. And will guide you every single step towards a vegan diet plan.

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