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If you’ve been in a car accident and need a local attorney who is experienced dealing with car insurance providers and personal injury claims, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to be put in touch with the top car accident attorneys in your neighbourhood for a free consultation if you experienced pain and suffering or lost wages as a result of a collision.

Over 6 million car accidents occur annually on average in the United States. According to new data from the Federal Highway Association, travel decreased by 13% in 2020, yet the number of deadly car accidents increased (FHWA). As a result, you are now more likely than ever to be involved in a serious auto accident.

Since there are so many accidents every year, it makes sense that insurance companies would work to protect their own interests. However, this may result in a backlog of personal injury cases that would slow down your claim and reduce the amount of money you receive.

It also makes logical that, year after year, a number of businesses in metro areas specialise in personal injury law. The sheer number of law firms that offer coverage in your area may be overwhelming depending on where you live. On the other hand, if you reside in a rural area, you might believe it is impossible to search for an auto accident lawyer who provides the services you require.

What more do you have to lose if you are a driver who has been in a car accident and you have medical bills, lost wages, serious injuries, or have experienced a wrongful death?

By staying silent, you forfeit the chance to obtain a just settlement and run the risk of being saddled with unpaid medical bills and other costs. To guarantee that auto insurance disputes are settled in their favour rather than yours, insurance adjusters have employees working for them. Even if the party at blame has no insurance coverage or just has minimal coverage in their insurance policy, personal injury attorneys in your area can help you obtain the most compensation for your accident case. Dial LegalFinders’ number right away.

US Car Crash Statistics:

The US Department of Transportation published the following findings throughout 2019. 2020 saw an increase in traffic fatalities. 

The statistics on car accidents show inequalities in the COVID-19 era, where some segments of society, such as the elderly, were more likely to stay inside to avoid the virus, while in some underprivileged urban areas, people were still likely to be driving, frequently out of necessity, increasing the likelihood of fatal car accidents.

I’ve Been In A Car Accident? What Now?

After an automobile collision, get medical help as soon as possible. even if your wounds are minor or you are not sure if you have been hurt. When an accident occurs, if you can, take pictures of the situation. Ask a family member’s acquaintance to take pictures at the scene if you’ve been taken to the hospital.

What Is A Personal Injury?

Any harm to your person as a result of an accident is a personal injury. Car accidents are a frequent reason for personal injuries. Costly personal injuries are possible. Accident victims frequently incur medical expenses to treat their personal injuries, but they may also miss work or be required to take additional unpaid leave of absences if their short-term disability insurance is insufficient to support their demands.

What if I don’t feel hurt:

After an automobile accident, even if you feel good, you should get medical help. Some wounds might not bother you for a day or longer. Other aspects of your lifestyle, such as standing or sitting for work, may irritate them. Having chronic pain or an invisible injury shouldn’t be something you have to put up with just because your insurance company didn’t pay for it.

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