5 best dogs in USA

best dogs in USA

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has recognised the Labrador Retriever as the most popular dog breed in the US for 30 years running.

The top dog breeds from previous years’ rankings have not changed, but there were two major additions to the most current list: the French Bulldog replaced the German Shepherd in the number two position, and the fun-loving Dachshund replaced the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the top 10.

Labrador Retrievers:

It is well known that Labrador Retrievers are sociable and outgoing dogs. These fun-loving dogs normally weigh between 55 and 80 pounds and are wonderful indoor pets. They are ideal for cuddling!

German Shepherds:

German Shepherds are renowned for their self-assured, perceptive, and brave demeanour. These large canines have a weight range of 50 to 90 pounds. They are “able to learn commands for numerous duties, and willing to lay their life on the line in defence of loved ones,” according to the AKC.

Golden retrievers:

FTW, retrievers! Golden retrievers are dedicated, amiable, and intelligent canines. The breed gets its name from its beautiful and luxurious coat of gold. They always have energy, these boys.

French Bulldogs:

French Bulldogs are flexible, fun-loving, and intelligent. This smaller variant of the Bulldog is distinguished by its distinctively prominent “bat ears.”


Bulldogs are brave, calm, and friendly. The Bulldog is a “thick-set, low-slung, well-muscled bruiser whose’sourmug’ face is the universal symbol of courage and determination,” according to the AKC.

The American Kennel Club has been advancing canine health and well-being, encouraging responsible dog ownership, and defending the rights of all dog owners for the past 135 years. It not only offers a marketplace for dog lovers to discover their next four-legged buddy, but it also provides knowledge on every dog breed currently in existence. It is essentially a reference book for all things canine. Not to add, the website is jam-packed with entertaining activities like submitting your own dog for the heartwarming programme or sending “puppygrams” to your loved ones.

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